Manage Your Computers
With a Mouse Click
  • Real-Time Usage Statistics
  • Powerful Reporting Tool
  • Resource Planning
We Customize
  • Tailor VeraLab to Your Environment
  • Develop Operationally Efficient Solutions
  • Integrate with Third-Party Applications
Consolidate and Save
All in one solution for multiple business needs
  • Reduce software license costs
  • Manage computer and classroom reservations
  • Manage human and inventory resources
VeraLab as a "Swiss Army Knife"
in Computer Lab Management
  • Web-based multi-tool
  • Integration hookups
  • Workflow automation

VeraLab is a comprehensive computer lab management suite made for academic institutions and libraries. It has been designed to increase the efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of computer labs ...

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License Patrol is an affordable and scalable software tracking, metering and concurrent license management solution for every IT environment, small or large. It brings the convenience of software metering...

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I really am impressed with your level of customer service, and the attention that VeraLab has provided us for customizing and tailoring their product to our environment
Chris R Huffman
Library Admin, JMU
VeraLab is working very well. Since installing it and adding in the custom LDAP and enrollment verification modules our staffing requirements in the lab have dropped to about 1 - 2 hours per week from about 40 - 50 hours per week
Matt Norby
IT Director, CSU Chico
VeraLab saved our IT department a lot of headaches and time. We needed something that would work quickly, on a variety of platforms and computers, and with minimal chance for error and VeraLab did it all. I consider it 110% success.
Barend Pretorius
Senior IT Consultant IIT
North-West University
The support that we’ve received from VeraLab has been amazing, and very appreciated
Casey Murray
Director, Technology Support and Facilities, Liberty University
The different types of usage reports (workstation/software) allow us to draw out better plans for out labs
Victor C. Roque
Desktop Support Group,
Old Dominion University
VeraLab is professional, prompt and it amazed me that a US based company could reach a South African University almost any time of the day with prompt support.
Barend Pretorius
Senior IT Consultant IIT
North-West University
Really appreciate your being proactive in helping us set this up. Very reassuring that we chose the right company to go with.
John Ng
IT Operations Manager
USC Viterbi
VeraLab has proven itself over and over again in our computer lab. We are able to track how many students are seen in an hour, a day or a week and determine an average amount of time each student spends in the lab. This has helped us to rearrange schedule to have more assistance on hand during peak periods as well as determine what products the students are using.
M. Jane Dunne
Director of Assessment Center and Titan Hub
Guilford Technical Community College

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