At VeraLab we understand that your organization is like no other. Computer facilities differ not only
from campus to campus, but even on the same campus, two labs may have different organizational workflows
and processes. We can assist you with the following services:

  • Implementation Planning. We will advise you on technical requirements and IT infrastructure needed for implementation of VeraLab.
  • Installation. We will guide you through the installation process, recommend various installation or migration scenarios.
  • Data migration. We will help you develop migration scripts and utilities to preserve your legacy data.
  • Functional customization. We can integrate VeraLab with your corporate applications, fit VeraLab into your security infrastructure, develop additional user authentication capabilities, or implement any other functionality needed to ensure successful implementation.
  • Localization. VeraLab is an internationalized system. If you need to run it in a non-English environment, we can perform necessary translation and setup.
  • Look and Feel customization. We can set up the application look and feel so it fits your corporate look and feel standards.

If you need more than out-of-the-box product, call us at: +1(855) 837-2522 or at

Helpful Links:

VeraLab Guard User FAQ

License terms:

Basic Support entitles the customer to use a current version of the product and to purchase upgrades for half a price. VeraLab Inc. will provide two hours of free phone- or email installation and maintenance support.

Extended Support entitles the customer for free upgrades as long as the customer pays an annual service fee of 20% of the license price. VeraLab Inc. will also provide best effort showstopper bug fixes, unlimited installation support, and four hours a year of maintenance support.