License Patrol Software

Software metering for every office

License Patrol is a comprehensive software tracking, metering and concurrent license management solution for every IT environment, small or large. It brings the convenience of software metering that previously only large IT departments could afford, to small and mid size businesses. Now every IT manager can know what software is being used in the company, who uses the software, and what is the demand for each software product. All kinds of useful business decisions can be made based on this information. IT business becomes clear and transparent.

With License Patrol you can switch to the concurrent software licensing model. You will be able to install the software on every workstation and let License Patrol shut down a client application when the number of concurrent users exceeds the number stipulated in the license agreement. Visit our Downloads page to get a free 30-day trial.

Here is what you can achieve with License Patrol:

  • Make informed decisions. Cut costs, spend your IT budget smarter

    You need to plan software budget for the next year. To calculate the budget you must know how many XYZSoft upgrades need to be purchased. Originally you bought 100 licenses of XYZSoft. But do you need to buy 100 upgrades? Maybe only a handful of people use the product? License Patrol can tell you how many and what users used the product over certain period of time.

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure

    There was a number of software products you couldn’t afford to install on every machine. As a result you ended up with multiple client configurations that were hard to maintain. License Patrol will let you switch to the concurrent licensing model when you can have a single software image for all your workstations and yet not overpay for software.

  • Ensure compliance with license terms, avoid legal troubles

    How many people in your organization use WinZip without paying for it? License Patrol can enforce license terms by limiting the number of concurrent users of a software product to the amount stipulated in your license agreement or by preventing the use of certain software.

  • Negotiate concurrent license agreements; they are less expensive

    With License Patrol you can negotiate a concurrent license agreement with a software vendor. It would be easy to convince the vendor that you have means to enforce that agreement.

  • Establish an effective software evaluation process. Let the community do the job

    Often new software is purchased by following recommendations of few domain experts in your company and by feature-to-feature comparison. This is hardly the best way to purchase software products. Domain experts are often biased. It is hard to compare features that you have never used before; very often a single underestimated new feature makes all the difference between high and poor productivity. License Patrol allows you to choose a software application by letting users try multiple competing products and comparing the numbers of users who choose each product by the end of the trial period. Delegate software evaluation to the entire community, not to a handful of gatekeepers.