How can we Help?


VeraLab Inc. is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Our standard license
includes the following support package:

  • Free over-the-phone installation assistance
  • Free over-the-phone end-user assistance
  • Best-effort technical support

If you need a higher level of assistance we can arrange a special support contract for you.
You can reach Technical Support at +1(855) 837-2522 or at

Helpful Links:

VeraLab Guard User FAQ

License terms:

Basic Support entitles the customer to use a current version of the product and to purchase upgrades for half a price. VeraLab Inc. will provide two hours of free phone- or email installation and maintenance support.

Extended Support entitles the customer for free upgrades as long as the customer pays an annual service fee of 20% of the license price. VeraLab Inc. will also provide best effort showstopper bug fixes, unlimited installation support, and four hours a year of maintenance support.