VeraLab becomes Gold Sponsor of LabMan 2013 Conference at the Evergreen State College

LabMan 2013 Conference Sponsorship opened the door to our select audience of participants representing IT in academia: computer lab and library managers and coordinators, and many other folks whose work shapes academic computing and technology in universities, colleges, and K-12.

The Evergreen State College community has given VeraLab an incredible opportunity to present our products and services in front of our customers, open new connections, discuss ideas, share knowledge.

Evergreen State College hosts did an outstanding job during LabMan 2013 to make everyone, both vendors and participants, feel very comfortable during entire event by creating hospital environment, smoothly organized sessions, and engaging recess breaks with great food and discussions. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to entire Evergreen State College team, and special thanks to Frank Barber and Isaac Overcast who demonstrated attention to every detail and made this conference experience unforgettable.

Kudos to You LabMan!

VeraLab Team