Integrating VeraLab with LDAP to Simplify Student Registration and Maintain Security in Your Lab

Below diagram shows how you can integrate VeraLab with your current LDAP server. If you already maintain student records in a central LDAP directory, we can help you integrate VeraLab into your IT infrastructure. Here is the list of benefits you can enjoy:

Benefits of VeraLab LDAP Integration:

VeraLab Integration with LDAP

Sign On/Out Process

  1. User logs in to a workstation running VeraLab Guard.
  2. User gets authenticated against LDAP or User Accounts Database. If authentication is successful, screen is unlocked, otherwise a message is displayed.
  3. VeraLab logs beginning/end of user sessions, provides control and monitoring. Successful and unsuccessful logins are stored in the database and can be used for future reporting.
  4. User logs out or is automatically logged out (if idle session time is enabled).